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Nº1 En Tuning & Performance desde 2008

Maxton Racing Durability Front Splitter + Flaps Bmw M135i F20

Referencia: BM1F20MCNC-FD1B+FSF1G

228,00 (iva 21% incl.)

Racing Durability Front Splitter + Flaps Bmw M135i F20 Consulta todos los acabados y terminaciones para los productos maxton. Fabricación bajo pedido, plazos de entrega variables.


Racing Durability Front Splitter + Flaps BMW M135i F20



BMW M135i F20 2011 – 



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In the robust line of Maxton Design goods there are elements that will help you refresh the presentation of your car, and enhance its overall aerodynamic properties. This Polish company is known across the world for the manufacturing of premium-quality spoilers, splitters, bumpers, side skirts, and diffusers. All of the listed components are always made of innovative and durable materials provided by renown suppliers only. The brand focuses on the production of tuning parts dedicated to a large variety of popular vehicles, which makes Maxton Design a leading-edge competitor on the world’s market. If you drive a BMW M135I F20 and you are looking for a practical, but also aesthetic splitter with flaps, this racing durability front splitter found in the Maxton Design online store will surely meet your standards. This component is a part of the Street Pro collection and requires no painting prior to its mounting.

Why should you take interest in the BMW M135I F20 Street Pro front splitter with flaps?
it doesn’t have to be painted
– it’s UV-protected
– it has high resistance to scratches and impacts
it enhances aerodynamics
– it can be obtained in
a number of surface looks
– it stands out with
aesthetic milled edges
it’s insusceptible to harsh atmospheric conditions

This Street Pro front splitter with flaps is meant to be installed in BMW M135I F20 – it is an innovative element made of 10mm-thick ABS plastic. This highly flexible and durable material has been given the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification. It is characterized by heightened resilience to extremely low or high temperatures, and it is also insusceptible to corrosion when exposed to moisture. Thanks to these properties the material is perfect for the creation of optical tuning products, as well as, other elements of primary vehicle outfitting. This front splitter with flaps from the Street Pro collection does not need to be painted before mounting, and it is also covered with a special coating that secures it against UV light.

The BMW M135I F20 Street Pro front splitter with flaps will not only freshen the appearance of your machine, but also notably bolster its aerodynamics. Thanks to this Maxton Design component the bodywork’s position will appear lower which results in a stylish racing look. Furthermore, the air that flows under the bumper will exert more pressure on the front axle which tangibly boosts stability and traction at high speeds. This Street Pro front splitter with flaps displays neat milled edges and comes in two types of surface finish: black matte with gloss flaps, or black matter with red core and gloss flaps.




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